I’m Intransition

Everyday I have to live with the reality that to create art means to teleport your soul through the finite vessel known as your body, time will burn away physical existence while your soul is imprinted into worldly existence. Around 2002 I stumbled across my brother’s shoe box of high quality oil paints and brushes. I started painting on paper and quickly learned that canvas is the place for oil paints. Along the way, I not only started painting more often, I also started collecting and spending time with Canada’s best fine artists: namely: Norman R. Brown, Tim Packer, John Lennard, Eduard Gurevich, Chris Morton, and the Morrisseau family. Their works and teaching inspired me to embark on new tides of exploration. In December 2016, Norman and I embarked on a portrait project with Canada’s most remarkable women to capture their inspiration and place it on canvas. This series is currently in private galleries as a showpiece to what’s next. This period alone (since 2016) has sparked the greatest transition in my works to-date. “Intransition” is not a properly defined word, by combining the words transition becomes indefinite and constantly changing.